Bourgas is een Bulgaarse stad, de op een na grootste stad aan de zwarte zee kust. Met een aantal van ca. 210.000 inwoners is Bourgas na Sofia, Plovdiv en Varna qua grootte een goede 4de. Bourgas ligt zuidoostelijk in Bulgarije en ongeveer 393 km van de hoofdstad Sofia. Bourgas, een moderne stad om van te genieten!



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27 01 2008
Oggy Popov


аз съм собственик на Freshncool и ви намерих по статистиките ми.
С интерес видях 4е сте добавили РСС от нас.Искрено Благодарим!
В ответност,ние ще сложим линк от нас към вас.Имате ли някаква препоръ4ителна форма как да го направим?
Откъде знаете Холандски ми е също интересно,аз живея в Белгия…
Хайде поздрави и до скоро!

27 01 2008

Здравей, Оги!
Имаме холандски приятели, които правят сайт за града (www.bourgas.nl).

Иначе, ще се радваме да ни линкнеш (както решиш за подходящо.. и красиво :) ) и да добавяш някои от нашите пост-ове при теб от време на време.

25 01 2009
Joost de Schepper

Please will you send this letter to te scouts in your city or region

Dear Scouting colleagues of the city of Burgas,

2009 is going to be a very special year for Rotterdam. The city has become the Youth Capital of Europe 2009. Scouting is a very important participant of the organization, as you can imagine.

By this reason Rotterdam as the Scouting Capital of the Netherlands will organize a Rotterdam Jamboree for scouts and explores, 5 days camping, hiking and meet each other in the centre of Rotterdam.

The theme of the Rotterdam as Youth Capital will be: “The world is your Neighbour”

All the scouting groups in the neighbourhood of Rotterdam will show “the world is your neighbour” in their activities.

The Rotterdam Jamboree is situated in the Kralingse Bos, a beautiful forest in Rotterdam. In the Kralingse Bos are a lot of opportunities for all kinds of scouting activities at the water, in the air and on the land. The Rotterdam Jamboree starts on 29th of April 2009 and lasts until 3rd of may 2009.

We invite you and all your colleague scouts, from our allied cities in Europe to participate at the Rotterdam Jamboree.

When you between the age of 11 and 17 your are welcome to participate the Rotterdam Jamboree;

· The price of this big and international five days event will be € 40,00

· For administrate you as participant please send a e-mail to: stella@scoutingrotterdam.nl

· Do you want more information, visit our website: http://www.rotterdamjamboree.nl or send a e-mail to stella@scoutingrotterdam.nl

We like to welcome you at 29th of April.

With friendly regards,

Joost de Schepper,

Manager Rotterdam Jamboree

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